Frequently Asked Questions

What forms of payment does Pok Pok Noi accept?

We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Discover. We are sorry, we do not accept pre-paid debit cards or personal cheques.

Is Pok Pok Noi kid friendly?

Yes, we have high chairs. We do not have kid menus, but can work with you to find something appropriate. Pok Pok Noi is all ages, all hours.

What is the food like?

We serve food found at pubs, restaurants, homes and the streets of Southeast Asia with the majority of the food coming from Thailand, and specifically from the North and Northeast of Thailand. We do not make "fusion" food here; everything has been researched, eaten, and/or prepared in the country of its origin prior to being put on the Pok Pok Noi menu. We do not serve staples like Phat Thai or Penang Curry, but the food we do serve is very accessible to most people. We use local product when possible and practical. We do not use MSG. While we are not specifically vegetarian friendly, all our vegetarian dishes are either vegan or can be made vegan.

What is in your water?

Our drinking water is flavored with Pandanus leaf, as is done often in Northern Thailand, which gives it that toasted rice/vanilla/grassy flavor.

Do you offer free-range meats and organic produce?

We use local and natural products when possible and practical. Since we serve Southeast Asian food, organic produce is of limited availability in the product we use, due to our climate, and the fact that most Asian produce is not a commodity on the market. Free-range meats are generally priced beyond what our clients are willing to pay for the food we do serve. However, we do use natural meats and poultry in almost every instance.

Do you have air conditioning?

Yes, our indoor seating area is air-conditioned.

Does Pok Pok Noi deliver?

We offer delivery through our partnership with Caviar, an app and web-based ordering service. Click on the link or visit our home page to start your order.

Does Pok Pok Noi offer table service?

Yes. Pok Pok Noi is a full service restaurant.  Most of the seating is at counters, but we do have tables in the front and in the enclosed tent in the back of the restaurant.

Can I order for pick up in advance?

Yes, our entire menu is available for take out... just choose what you'd like from our menu and click here to order, and we'll have it hot and ready for pick up.

Do you accept reservations?

No, unfortunately, we do not.

Do all Pok Pok properties accept the same gift cards?

Yes, though some cards look different, they are universally accepted at all properties.

I have food allergies. Can Pok Pok Noi accommodate me?

Yes, we provide a copy of our menu that identifies allergens upon request. Gluten, dairy, nut and shellfish allergies are addressed on this menu. However, we do not prepare off-menu dishes specifically for individual dietary and allergic needs; this is simply not practical, nor in some cases possible. Sorry!

Can I bring my pets into Pok Pok Noi?

You may keep your pets with you at our sidewalk tables in front of the restaurant, but we do not allow animals, aside from guide animals, in our other seating areas.

Does Pok Pok Noi have parking?

There is very limited parking in two lots on the property.  Otherwise, there is ample on-street parking in the area.